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Best in class NLP training.

You have the potential, now it's time to unlock it.

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Why enrol in our courses?

Gain the EDGE

Whatever your reasons for wanting to explore NLP – personal growth, business development, just plain old curiosity – our courses will give you the Edge and you’ll start applying the techniques from your very first class that provide either insight or a fresh approach to existing knowledge.

Intimate course delivery

Unlike other NLP practitioners, all of our programme's are strictly limited to 8 people. This is to ensure maximum results and a delivery model that offers plenty of one-on-one delivery. All of our programmes are delivered online which allows for greater flexibility. 

Professional Mentors

Aside from Sidney our Director of Morale and Stanley our Chief Officer of Happiness, you're in great hands with wife and wife team Pip (Master Trainer) and Jools (Master Coach)! Bringing years of experience to each programme, they are supported by Clare Carpenter, Louise Cooper and John Fleming. Find out more about our team.

Working at home

About Edge NLP and our approach

We aim to empower students to be the best version of themselves.

You found us! Welcome to the start of a very exciting journey.

NLP – and our approach in particular – is all about helping you get more from life. Our aim is to give you all the tools you need to be brilliant, whether you’re interested in NLP for self-development, you’re thinking of becoming a coach or you want to step things up a level or three in your business life. The change starts right here.

Andy Chandler - MD, Barefoot Coaching

As a life-long learner I’m always eager and enthusiastic when presented with opportunities to broaden and deepen my knowledge. I am so delighted that I chose Pip and Jools at Edge for my NLP Practitioner programme. As a coach, tutor and facilitator I was able to appreciate the power and quality of Pip and Jools’ teaching. They provided a practical learning experience whilst also laying down solid psychological foundations. Thanks Pip, Jools and Edge NLP.

Upcoming Courses

When you sign up for an Edge NLP training course, you’re signing up for change. BIG CHANGE. Often big, hairy, scary, dig deep and deeper still ‘til you think you can’t dig any deeper change. But that is what we truly want for you. Your greatest self is waiting to meet you on the other side. And we’ve got your back the whole way through the process.


Expand your knowledge toolkit by hearing from our experts

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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