Day 4 – it has been a challenge

Today I hit my wall and have felt really tired at a time where my energy levels are really needed:( I have really had to dig deep to keep both focused and patient with people around and most of all myself. I have been the reframe queen- and it has been conscious today where it […]

Day 3 – This seems easy! Really??

Wow- day three already of the Juice detox and all seems good, hungry and missing the action of chewing. The weekend was full so proved to be a good distraction, and. I have a busy week at work so again a good distraction. So how has today panned out-well it has been a test of […]

Past Imperfect

July 3, 2017

Past Imperfect

It’s amazing how we can grab hold of our pasts these days. Remember that TV show you used to watch as a child? That book you read when you were nine but can’t remember the title? That holiday place you used to go? Put any of this into a search engine and you’ll see a […]

Day 2 – Woke up this morning feeling fine…

It’s been a while since I have slept for so long and sooo deeply …. yes no dogs barking at 4am and actually even if there were I don’t think I would have heard them. My body wanted me to sleep and who am I to argue. Day two is apparently one of the days […]

Day 1 of Detox :)

July 1, 2017

Day 1 of Detox :)

Today I have been working my way through ANGER…an emotion I would say doesn’t normally resonate with me… yep even on reflection I can safely say that ANGER is an emotion that would normally bypass me… So how come today ended up being the day when I chose to connect with it (and it is […]

The night before the new day…..

Its 6pm on Friday the 30th of June and like most Friday evenings I am reflecting on the week just gone and thinking about all the things I am doing this weekend. Also like most Friday nights I have poured us a couple of glasses of wine to set the weekend off to a good, […]

How do you eat a pomegranate?

I didn’t know, but as I’m feeling the love for superfoods right now I wanted to find out. It’s not as if I’d never experienced a pomegranate before, although even as I type this I have to acknowledge that ‘experienced’ is an exaggeration. I had had an experience involving a pomegranate, to be sure, but […]

Great Minds

June 19, 2017

Great Minds

Someone recently told me that he likes his anxiety because it ‘gets things done’. And I thought – what a great reframe! Richard Bandler’s take on all issues, after all, is that they are the work of ‘master practitioners’ – masters at anxiety, phobia, depression, fear, anger and so on. Look at any transcript of […]

Digital – Desired or Detested

The power of the digital world is around us all the time, as our lives become more and more driven by technology our requirement and need to embrace technology increases. The speed by which we can communicate with people no matter where they might be is phenomenal, our worlds can come together in a split […]

The Life of a Yoga Widow

February 3, 2017

The Life of a Yoga Widow

When your partner decides to follow a deep rooted long standing desire to become a qualified yoga instructor, the obvious choice is to embrace the idea and be totally supportive- right. Some 4 weeks into a 12 week programme, what have I learnt and what impact has this decision had on me… I have learnt […]