We all have encountered people in our working lives that seem to be blessed with a positive charisma. Their infectious enthusiasm and ability to bring the best out of themselves and others seems to place them on a higher plain to the rest of us mere mortals.

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We can either choose to jealously accept that these people are born with an unfair talent for business communication and spend our time thinking murderous thoughts about them €“ or we can learn from them.

Replicate the tools of success

Thankfully, all the hard work of observing, analysing and documenting the techniques of successful business people has been done already. Modelling this behaviour is at the core of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). By replicating the successful behaviour of great communicators, leaders, salesmen and educators, we can also achieve the same levels of success.

So what are these winning techniques and how can we learn them? On 20th April 2012, Edge NLP will be running a NLP Business Day where you can discover all the secrets of successful business communication. For example, you will learn how to€¦

Read people

Being able to see the impact of what you are saying to someone by detecting subtle changes in their expression, their posture and even their breathing, allows you to adapt what you are saying as if you were reading their mind.

Create rapport

If others feel comfortable and relaxed in your company, they will be more open and more accepting of what you have to say.

Use language effectively

Deploying the right words at the right time, and being able to decipher the real meaning behind the words others use, will support your objectives in any meeting or conversation.

Redefine concepts

When talking about the same issue to different people, each with their own agenda, significant outcomes can be achieved by reframing what you say to suit what is important to each individual.

Determine strategies

If you possess techniques that allow you to anticipate your client€™s buying strategy, you can tailor your pitch accordingly.

So don€™t waste another day looking on enviously at the business world€™s natural born winners, learn all their skills and more at Edge NLP€™s special Business Day. To find out more, call me, Pip Thomas, on 02031 450698.

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