The day my new world stayed moving

A phrase that really sticks with me is “It’s always darkest just before dawn”.

The first time it resonated was during a dark time in my life when one of my businesses was really suffering and I was underpinning it financially. It had got to a stage where that couldn’t continue and at this stage I felt that I had no one I could turn to or confide in, so I spent many a long hour in conversations with myself at the darkened hour of 3am.

Albeit a dark and lonely time, the strength I found from within was enough to pull me through and help me find focus, belief and the drive to make it happen, whatever “it” was at the time. The key to changing the situation was to take ownership, come out of denial and recognise that the answers and skills I needed to change the outcome I already had; I just had lost them within the depth of my despair.

So what did I do, how did I change the feeling of impending doom and disaster? I dug deep and remembered the skills and tools I had learnt, developed and re-engaged with during my NLP journey. I recognised that I could lie there in my bed night after night and worry myself awake or I could take action, own the problem, face it and deal with the situation; after all, it is the only way to change the outcome, right?

I distinctly remember the moment in time at that dreaded hour when I realised “this is it: time to move forward.” I got out of bed with a regained energy, not exactly leaping, yet definitely not dragging my carcass out from under the duvet. Having made a cup of green tea, not coffee as I was aware I had become quite reliant on my caffeine intake, I took myself and my laptop off to the garden feeling the early morning warmth of the rising sun lighten my mood yet further.

How NLP visualisation techniques helped to change the outcome…

Spending a few moments grounding myself with breathing exercises, I visualised the outcome I was seeking. Knowing just how powerful this can be I gave the visualisation as much sensory based information as I could. I not only saw the outcome, I heard the conversations carrying on around me and really felt the sensations of achievement and success and all that went with it. I even saw the change in my bank balance.

Creating this visualisation and dropping it into my timeline totally engaged me into the process; I was back in cause, owning my outcome and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I would achieve it.

NLP has been an active part of my life since I completed my Practitioner course back in 2003; since then I have built, nearly lost and sold a couple of businesses. Each time there is a challenge, I sit up and face it knowing the role I need to and can play in defining and achieving the desired outcome and guess what? I do, every time. My ability to be flexible in my approach, to reframe a situation both internally and externally utilising the NLP visualisation techniques that I have learned gives me strength that enables me to do what I set out to.

I recently read an article about the real attributes of an entrepreneur, and I was relieved to see the list included:

A true entrepreneur will be scared at times…
A true entrepreneur will get emotional…

Both of these are totally natural reactions to challenging situations and change, and both are underpinned by a deep rooted belief and knowing that you and only you define your outcome…

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