Battling the big boys with NLP

We’ve all been there. We’ve all found ourselves at the mercy of the big boys – be it a bank or financial organisation, a utility, a land developer, even a retail organisation – and the temptation to lie down and take it can be very appealing. The problem with that is how we justify that position afterwards. ‘We had no power’ … ‘You can’t fight the big companies’ … ‘It was a done deal’ and the like are all too often heard in conversations bemoaning our fate.

And then there are the times we really, really want to fight, but choose not to on the grounds that we’ll never win.

Thing is – we will never win if we don’t fight. And the key to a good fight is to remain in CAUSE.

The NLP tenets surrounding Cause and Effect are simple – negativity drains your strength; being in Effect drains your strength; viewing the issues as something happening ‘to’ you drains your strength. And without strength, we will always lose the most important battles.

Staying in Cause, however, puts us in a position where we take responsibility for our responses, choices and actions. Anger can be a positive emotion in these instances. When facing decisions that will affect our lives in negative ways, anger can be used to create a state of Cause in which rational plans of action are formulated. We can channel our anger into Cause; we can channel our indignation into action; we can decide that we may be victims, but victims with a right of response. That’s Cause. That’s proactivity. That’s positive.

It’s also all too easy to view a situation we find ourselves in through our natural filters. We delete, generalise and distort to the point that the facts become skewed. Knowledge and clear understanding are crucial when battling the big boys, and having some understanding of the other side’s ‘world’ will only help our response. It’s at times like this that harnessing some of those NLP wonders, e.g. ring of power, anchoring, negotiating frames can help us move into positions of influence. And perhaps loosening some of our stronger-held values for a while …

NLP gives us a whole stack of tools, pointers and strategies for battling the big boys. By using them and refusing to lie down we not only rule out post-battle regrets, but actually stand a chance of winning.

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