Time for Change

It’s been an amazing seven days, I have been lucky enough to spend them on the beautiful island of Antigua with my partner as part of my celebration year having turned 50 in January (gulp)… Tis true….

A time to totally chill, to enjoy the incredible hospitality and good upbeat honest nature of the local people of Antigua. I have been blessed with fabulous weather and great company. My partner Jools was also seeking a time to ‘be’ and we certainly got it this week.

What has been fabulous for me was how it was ok to kick back and allow the day to pass as quickly or slowly as desired, dependent on the activities planned and whether there was a storm approaching or the hottest day of the year.

Running parallel to this has been my ‘normal life,’ my working world and there has been some interesting synergies to the tropical storms or incredible weather. When reflecting on these, I reason it is time for change, a time to grasp the incredible opportunities ahead of me and believe in my ability to do my thing and achieve whatever I set my mind to.

Today has been a significant day for me, it’s the end of our incredible holiday (you have to go home to go away again right?) and also the sale of a house that results in the final door closing on a previous chapter of my life.

What does this provide me with? Well the time and desire to embrace experiences like the last seven days and the energy to drive forward knowing any restraints previously in place (my own doing) Are no more.

There are times when it is totally right to stand up, dig your heels in and say ‘really?!’ knowing you are being true to yourself and honest with who you are and your approach.

This celebration year holds numerous opportunities ahead for me and I intend to take them and be confident in my ability and just to ‘be’ …

Embrace what is ahead of you, both hands, feet, tippy toes and anything else you feel will serve you well, this year is a time for change, as is this month, week in fact… Hey who am I kidding as is RIGHT NOW.

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