The Life of a Yoga Widow

When your partner decides to follow a deep rooted long standing desire to become a qualified yoga instructor, the obvious choice is to embrace the idea and be totally supportive- right.

Some 4 weeks into a 12 week programme, what have I learnt and what impact has this decision had on me…

I have learnt that you are never to old to learn (clearly knew this nugget already) that you are never to old or young to be challenged physically, emotionally and mentality. That at times the need to step back, ground yourself and be kind to yourself is massive. Recognising that we are highly resourceful individuals at the best of times is helpful, even more so when feeling totally under pressure and with an inability to have an unbiased view of the world as you are so wrapped up in the here and now.

What does this me for me, well that the only form of support is listening, saying nothing and simply being present, un-judgemental and consistent. Afteral it is so easy to jump in, offer your opinion and advice especially when someone you care about is feeling battered. What else, well like my partner the need for flexibility as well as choosing my behaviour and responses mindfully to dependant on the presenting situation is key. Knowing when to sit back, when to quietly get on with things and when to reach out and offer a much needed hug whether of support or encouragement is what matters.

What impact has this had on me, well that totally depends on your view of the world- I have learnt many things about Yoga, about anatomy and about the tutor and other class members. Some of which has lead me to reflect on my own behaviour, on how I run courses and most of all re-enforces my desire to ensure everyone feels empowered to direct their own learning and have opportunities to grow at their own rate.

Finally I have learnt the art of breathing- when I am my partners student, as a support to my partner – and at times to create space to allow me to be me….

8 weeks and breathing….

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