31 Day Detox

2 more sleeps – whoop diddly whoop :)

Yay – then back on it, prosecco for breakfast, out for a boozy lunch followed up with cocktails on a night out – all accompanied with a McD’s, a big fat steak and fries and a kebab…. yep that’s the 1st of August sorted then !!! OR NOT During my journey with NLP I have […]

The last three weeks have been full on, running three back to back courses with only a days rest between and each course requiring me to be fully present and ‘in it’. No better time to be doing a 31 day detox, clean eating, no alcohol campaign right? Note any slight sarcasm? Well actually the […]

The power of thought

July 17, 2017

The power of thought

Wow where has this week gone too….. 6 days have flown by mainly as I have been totally distracted running an NLP Practitioner Course, focusing my mind and attention on the delegates, the subject matter and desired outcome. All of these things have helped me distract my focus from the desire to eat things that […]

Day 7- Ten days down :)

July 11, 2017

Day 7- Ten days down :)

Another one bites the dust…. Day ten takes me into another week and a busy one at that. This is day two of our July NLP Practitioner Course and like all the courses we run it requires my full attention, heightened levels of awareness and bucket loads of energy. Historically I go home after a […]

The Weekend

July 9, 2017

The Weekend

A bit of a roller coaster… As the weekend loomed I was concerned about how I would get through it without wanting to grab a glass of wine to relax and kick back with. This was escalated by the fact that the 5 day juice detox had also finished so it was time to eat […]

Day 6 – morning after the 5 days before

Food glorious food…. I woke up this morning with mixed feelings, part of me was pleased I had achieved the 5 days and was looking forward to eating food real food again, and part was a little dubious about eating again and potentially going back to my old habits. It was interesting for me to […]

Day 5 – Whoop

July 5, 2017

Day 5 – Whoop

Finally at day 5 of my juice detox and it has at times been easy and at times challenging- today I am hungry and determined… due to a poor nights sleep I am also tired… I have been training today as it’s been day 1 of our TLT and Hypnosis course and the fabulous group […]

Day 4 – it has been a challenge

Today I hit my wall and have felt really tired at a time where my energy levels are really needed:( I have really had to dig deep to keep both focused and patient with people around and most of all myself. I have been the reframe queen- and it has been conscious today where it […]

Day 3 – This seems easy! Really??

Wow- day three already of the Juice detox and all seems good, hungry and missing the action of chewing. The weekend was full so proved to be a good distraction, and. I have a busy week at work so again a good distraction. So how has today panned out-well it has been a test of […]

Day 2 – Woke up this morning feeling fine…

It’s been a while since I have slept for so long and sooo deeply …. yes no dogs barking at 4am and actually even if there were I don’t think I would have heard them. My body wanted me to sleep and who am I to argue. Day two is apparently one of the days […]