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He’s not just for Christmas…..

Getting a puppy is a huge decision as well as a serious commitment. As someone who would call themselves ‘more of a cat person’ (and that’s an understatement) I always told my children that it was just too much of a responsibility to have a dog, that the novelty would soon start to wain and I would be left picking up the poo and walking it in the depths of winter. Not a thought that bought any joy whatsoever.

Fast forward a few years. The kids are older, I can work from home quite a bit and my partner is an avid dog fan. We have spoken at length about getting a puppy and each and every time the conversation would always end with me saying no. So what changed? Why have I just gone out and bought Sidney, our 9 week old Labradoodle puppy, and the new addition to our family?

Sometimes it can be useful to take a step back, to reflect and to be aware of just how important certain things are to those people around you. In this case that ‘thing’ was a dog. After a complicated couple of years, I now find myself in a solid relationship, living in a beautiful home (that if I am honest completely lends itself to having a dog in it to go with the two cats) and a relatively flexible schedule that can support looking after a dog. I can’t tell you the moment that I thought ‘Sod it, I’m going to surprise them all and get my partner a puppy for Christmas’. I think it may have been after a few glasses of vino. What I do remember was really thinking about the impact on my partner and children and just how much love and ultimately joy, this buddle of fluff (who is apparently going to grow to be a rather large dog) would bring. I realised that this wasn’t about me. This was about those around me that I love, those around me that because I said no, didn’t have something they wanted.

Sidney will challenge my perception of dogs, which when I reframe, this is only going to be a positive going forward. He will also require commitment and dedication from all of us. A great lesson for two young children, and a sense of togetherness as a family unit.

It’s good to remember that it’s not always about you, or in my case, me. That by purely focusing on what I want, doesn’t always allow for others to have what they want. Compromise can lead to very positive outcomes and I have a feeling Sidney will prove that.

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